You might ask, “Why would I follow her?” This woman has problems and she is still a work in progress after the loss of her daughter. She is still a mess. What does she have to offer me? 

Let me tell you! I do have problems. I am still work in progress after losing a child. I am still a mess. I have a great deal to offer those that want to listen and follow me as I share my journey after depression and grief. 

Real People

Every last person on the planet has problems and is a work in progress. We learn from others and hopefully, we emulate those with proven results. We are students of life. Each of us needs to be connected to someone. We only have each other to lean on. 

Every day, someone falls victim to some circumstance in life and has to recover from the pain. Dealing with severe issues in life can lead to many negative issues like some level of depression. It is tough learning to recover from the crap that is thrown at you. Life is about how you grow and love and live… a good life. 

Not everyone has a friend. Not everyone has a family. Not everyone has a support group. Is this true for everyone? No! Everyone can be anyone at any given place and time. Many times, we may feel alone or lost but we need to know that reaching out for help is vital to creating a more focused and positive change in life. 

You are not alone unless you choose to be alone. Choosing to be alone can be helpful and dangerous at the same time. Alone time can be stimulating in positive self-discovery or stimulating negative self-harm. Choosing to be alone is a clear choice. A person that is clearly going through some tough times needs to not be alone. 

Life leads each of us down many paths and we must choose which direction is safe. There are times that appear to have no dangers and then quicksand may present a danger. What happens then? Do you walk into the mire or ask someone to help you cross over the danger? 

I had to learn what to do and how to do it after I had fallen into the quicksand. I rejected help until it was too late. I wanted to be the strong person I had always been but I was not the same. Everyone knew I was not the same except for me. My vision was blinded by grief and my mind was cloaked with darkness. 

My life is forever changed after losing a child and I will always be in recovery. Am I a counselor or a coach, I could be but I choose not to be. I want to be a storyteller. My forever journey is sharing my story and hoping to make a difference to others that may be suffering from their lives. 

I am creating a website talked It is about life and the lessons we learn along the way. While it is under construction, please watch for new blog posts and then visit my website after it is completed. 

Thanks and much love from a person recovering from the journeys in life. 

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