Desperate Love

When a person is looking for love, it can be in all the wrong places. So, where do you look for love? That is a great question! It can be anywhere at anytime but it all is really what you are willing to settle for.
Love is great when you have the right connection and communication styles that mesh together like a great puzzle. You are just a great fit. It feels good and everything is in the proper alignment. You found the perfect match and life will be fantastic.
What if it only feels good for a short time. The whole thing that you thought was love is crumbling in your hands. It is falling down like the London Bridge. What happened to the “real thing”? Where did you go wrong? Can this be fixed? Was it me or the other person?
OMG! This happens all the time because you settled for… wait for it. Less. Yep! You are heartbroken and in despair. You were desperate for that connection with someone, anyone. You will never find your soulmate. You are doomed in ever finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with.
Wrong! Let’s look at something that is very important. Your NOT love life. Your job is the one place that you really worked hard to get and it may or may not be absolutely perfect, it is working for you.
You researched the company and found a connection with their mission. You created a resume, did an interview and got the job. Now, you are growing within an environment and learning new skills. You are growing as a person and you feel valued. Your input is important and you are making a difference. There is a purpose for you being there in this place.
The same value should be placed on your love relationship and all the other ones too. You should do your homework before you make the connected connection. Do your homework! Ask questions and find the answers before it is too late. Don’t fall too quick. Take your time. It could make a huge difference for your mental well-being.
Patience is a virtue. If you jump into toxic love infested waters, you may truly regret not doing your homework. Your heart is not really affected by your decisions, it is your brain. Inside that noggin of yours is the flight or fight or freeze mechanism and you should pay attention to what it tells you.
Every person is vulnerable when love stings or bites. Cupid is cute but separation hurts like the arrow going straight to the heart. Listen to your inner voice and never settle for less. Desperate love is never worth the price paid for not listening to your inner voice.