the mental umbrella

mental umbrella

There are different noises and events happening around us all the time. We learn to tune them out and diligently move forward with the task at hand. It can be so easy. Or not! That is why a person needs the Mental Umbrella to stay focused on what to do. 

Finishing tasks before us can be challenging if distractions constantly disrupt the focus. When the phone rings, children asking questions, a meal is to be made, chores need to be completed, projects need review, or a client will be arriving soon are just a few disruptions that challenge us to put our nose to the grindstone to stay focused.

Time is precious and our challenges need clear focus. The pressure builds to complete the lengthy list of duties and the time is ticking away. How are disrupting challenges met to stay on task? Look at how Alicia handled a stressful situation. 

Alicia knew the report had to be handed in earlier than scheduled but she had a flat tire. There was no way that she would be to work on time at this point. There were important things to do after work and she needed transportation. Tight finances kept her from calling an Uber, but she had to get to work. The pressure was more than she could handle.

Alicia called her mother to give her a ride to work but she still needed a car after work. “Mom, can you come and get me at lunch and let me use your car?”, she asked. “I have an appointment after lunch and that is not going to work for me,” said her mom. Alicia was becoming more frantic and concerned that she was not going to get the report turned in on time. “Give me your keys and I will have a friend fix the tire for you, then we will drop your car off before my appointment. Will that help?” asked her mother. “Yes, Mom, thank you. It will help me a lot,” said Alicia. She was thankful that she had help.

When the sky is falling and it seems like you are going to break, grab an umbrella. There are times we need help or time to restructure our tasks at hand. We spread ourselves too thin and it is not healthy. An unexpected disruption can create a mental stressor that results in panic. It could worsen the situation.

Everyone should have a mental umbrella that allows for restructuring tasks and to rethink what could be done to relieve the stress.Take the time to breathe.


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